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Filing for Bankruptcy and Future Job Prospects

Many individuals go through financial difficulties in their lives, and sometimes a situation can become so dire that bankruptcy is the only viable option in order to move forward. Some individuals defer filing for bankruptcy because they are worried about what filing might mean for their future job prospects. In reality, the worst thing you can do if you need to file for bankruptcy is put it off, because you may just be accruing more debt and digging a deeper hole for yourself. Also, as the attorneys of Hong Law, PLC can tell you, filing for bankruptcy in most cases does not impact future job prospects nor your current employment status. What’s most important is getting back on track financially as soon as possible.

Affecting Your Job?

People mistakenly believe that bankruptcy always results in bad prospects for a future job, but this does not have to be the case. Government agencies may not put your bankruptcy status into consideration, and no employer may fire you because you filed for bankruptcy. The following are the only ways your employer or future employer may uncover your bankruptcy situation:

  • Potential private employer asks permission to run a credit check (normally only done when applying for a job dealing with money, such as accounting)
  • You have been sued by a creditor and your wages are being deducted

Also, it’s important to weigh out the benefits and risks of filing for bankruptcy – it normally works more in your favor than not when you’ve already gathered a lot of debt. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Cedar Rapids can help you decide the best action to take for your situation.

Contact a Cedar Rapids Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are filing for bankruptcy in the Cedar Rapids area and want to ask an experienced attorney questions about how bankruptcy may affect important factors in your life such as employment, contact the Eastern Iowa lawyers at Hong Law, PLC today. Call us at (319) 294-5853 to learn more.