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Marion Knowing When to File

Though nearly everyone deals with financial struggles at one time or another, some people’s financial difficulties become so extreme that they face debilitating consequences, such as property repossession. People who are under extreme financial stress may benefit from filing for bankruptcy in order to regain control over their finances. There are several signs that might indicate that filing for bankruptcy is an appropriate step, and the Marion bankruptcy attorneys of Hong Law, PLC, ready to help Marion residents through the process.

When to File

There are numerous misconceptions about the services that bankruptcy provides. The attorneys at Hong Law, PLC, are prepared to show Marion people how helpful bankruptcy can actually be in building a secure financial future. You may benefit from bankruptcy if you are experiencing any combination of the following:

  • You can no longer pay debts
  • Your bills exceed your income
  • You owe more money than you can pay
  • You are facing property repossession or foreclosure
  • You have massive credit card debt
  • Your experience anxiety about money all the time

If you are experiencing any of these stressors, it is important to know that you are not alone. Many people experience similar situations and have been helped considerably by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at Hong Law, PLC.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney in Marion

At Hong Law, PLC, we treat each of our clients with respect and care as they navigate the bankruptcy process. To discuss your options with a bankruptcy attorney in Marion, call (319) 294-5853. Our attorneys are ready to discuss your situation and options with you today.

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