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Marshalltown Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

Foreclosure of your home is a situation no one wants to face, but many times, creditors threaten foreclosure to compensate for outstanding debts. Despite what creditors may say, there are other legal alternatives that may allow you to avoid foreclosure and keep your home.

The Marshalltown foreclosure defense attorneys at Hong Law, PLC, can help you explore your options in the face of foreclosure with experienced legal guidance. We know our clients have worked hard to make a home for their families in Marshalltown, and our legal team is committed to defending them.

Foreclosure Defense Options

Foreclosure does not always have to be the answer. In fact, you might be able to explore a variety of alternatives that have helped others. Several common foreclosure defense options include:

  • Claiming a Truth in Lending Violation
  • Mortgage Modification
  • Filing for Bankruptcy

Each of these options is worth considering as an alternative to home foreclosure in Marshalltown. If you are facing it foreclosure, it is important to quickly seek legal action that may allow you to keep your house. The attorneys at Hong Law, PLC, in Marshalltown can help you consider the options that would best suit your specific situation.

Contact a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Marshalltown

If you and your family are facing the frightening prospect of losing your home, it is important to remember that you might not have to foreclose. The Marshalltown foreclosure defense attorneys at Hong Law, PLC, may help you find a defense strategy that allows you to keep your home. Contact us today by calling our offices in Marshalltown at (319) 294-5853 to learn more.

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