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Muscastine Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

The prospect of losing your home because you’re in a difficult financial spot is daunting and likely frightening. Sadly, as we at Hong Law, PLC, know, many people in Muscatine are currently fighting to keep their homes while also dealing with burdensome debts and other financial troubles. Fortunately for those in this situation, foreclosure is not the only option; in fact, there are numerous foreclosure defense options that you might be able to pursue, allowing you to possibly keep your home.

Foreclosure Defense Concepts

Falling behind on mortgage payments can mean that the entity that lent you the money for the home may want to pursue foreclosure and take your home from you. This can mean the loss of something you’ve worked hard over the years to build and protect. But there are some options for foreclosure defense that might be able to protect your home, including:

  • Mortgage modification pursuit
  • Truth in Lending Violation Act filing
  • Bankruptcy filing

Through one of the above options, it may be possible to protect your home against foreclosure. Additionally, you can work with an experienced legal representative to settle other remaining debts, either through bankruptcy or debt negotiation and other means. By taking these steps, you can possibly keep your home and get back on track financially.

Contact a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Muscatine

If you are facing the loss of your home due to foreclosure, our lawyers at Hong Law, PLC, know the difficulties you are facing and want to help. Call us at (319) 294-5853 to discuss your particular financial situation and find out more about the foreclosure defense options that may be available to you.

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