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Cedar Rapids Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you have decided that bankruptcy may be the best way for you to put an end to your financial troubles, the Cedar Rapids Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at Hong Law, PLC, want you to know there are many options available to you. Chapter 7 is often the most desirable form of consumer bankruptcy because it is an effective and efficient way to  find relief from creditors and regain control of your finances. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows a person to completely eliminate most unsecured debts, including debts such as credit cards and medical bills. In most cases, people filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not be required to pay anything to their unsecured creditors. With a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer on your side, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be simple and beneficial for you and your loved ones.

If you are interested in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are legal professionals that can help you. At Hong Law, PLC, our Cedar Rapids Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers know what it takes to get our clients back on their feet after financial setbacks. Contact our offices at (319) 294-5853 for more information about our services today.

How We Can Help

In order to quality for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must prove that you cannot afford to repay your debts by passing what is called the means test.” The means test involves a complex analysis of your income and expenses to determine whether or not you can afford to repay your debts. The Cedar Rapids Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at Hong Law, PLC, can analyze your income and expenses to help you determine if you will pass the means test and qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The vast majority of people who file for bankruptcy in Iowa pass the means test and qualify to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, even if you fail the means test, an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney may be able to get your Chapter 7 filing approved if there are any special circumstances regarding your income or expenses.

Our Practice Areas

The Cedar Rapids Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers of Hong Law, PLC work with clients individually to make sure that their case is taken care of in a way that truly reflects their needs. We are prepared to help people understand topics such as:

Because there are certain requirements that must be met before approval will be granted, it is important that an experienced legal professional help debtors with their application. Don’t let your uncertainty about bankruptcy procedures stop you from taking advantage of such a helpful process. Our team is here to help simplify this process.

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For more information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your options as a debtor, and how we can help you work through this challenging time, contact the Cedar Rapids Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys of Hong Law, PLC at (319) 294-5853.