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Reasons your bankruptcy may not be giong as quickly as you’d like

Sometimes, people fill out all of the necessary paperwork to file for bankruptcy and pay their attorney fees, but do not hear back about their cases. In some instances, this happens because a lawyer may be acting inattentively, but a lot of the time there are valid legal reasons why an attorney may delay filing your bankruptcy in court.

During some seasons, an individual filing for bankruptcy may be working more than other times of the year. The extra income may disqualify them for Chapter 7 bankruptcy so the bankruptcy lawyer may be waiting for the busy season to end to protect the client’s eligibility for Chapter 7.

There have been cases where a person has assets that need to be protected. Delaying the bankruptcy can help the client hang on to these important assets after the bankruptcy. A person may only file for bankruptcy once every eight years. Another reason to delay filing a bankruptcy is because this eight-year period has not been exhausted.

Be sure to stay in contact with your attorney after filing for bankruptcy to remain informed on where your case is. If you’re in dire financial straights, contact the bankruptcy lawyers of Hong Law, PLC, at 319-632-1400.